Future Nostalgia.fm

Current Exhibition

Futurology kiosk: Redefinition of reality
Nadja Kracunovic

15.06 - 05.07
Sophienstiftplatz, Weimar, Germany

<<Once upon a time, the timeline broke into tiny pieces, and everything that had existed broke within. We entered the era of Reversal, backpedaling in the direction of the Beginning, where the world was about to start again or remain. While exploring haptically the skeletons of time, we see how differently they were treated. Their parts were cut, their surface destroyed, crippled, and often left with scars. The color faded away, texture mutilated, being wrapped in the past with its shape deformed. These fossils have neither purpose nor history. The artifacts were floating around, losing their structure, scent, purpose, and gravitation. Their bodies were thoroughly examined and carefully excavated from the void they were found in. Shoveled Future relics materially culminate while being dug out. Their existence depends on the speculation and imagination of the observer. Found broken, longing for what is lacking in a changed present, or Future.>>

The Futurology Kiosk is a mixed-media project founded by visual artist Nadja Kracunovic. Combining multiple mediums, sound (Future Nostalgia FM radio), spatial installation (kiosk as a time capsule), and performative objects (ceramics), its futuristic experience unsettles the present and speculates on the future. The inventory consists of imaginatively designed broken ceramics lavishly displayed to be dug out and explorred. The artifacts are excavations from the future bringing nostalgia for what has never happened. The project has a narrative that waves between imagination, aspirations, and human interactions while exploring new fusions between mediums.

The founder of the Futurology Kiosk:
Nadja Kracunovic

Future Nostalgia FM radio team:
Nadja Kracunovic
Denise Lee
David Bilek
Dean Ruddock

Future Nostalgia newspapers design
Jonas Lenz

Download the poster here

Time stamps

I. Curated by Nadja Kracunovic

  • 0:00.000 Introduction to Future Nostalgia FM & Moderation by Nadja Kracunovic
  • 2:56.236 Laura Besançon - Social Play
  • 7:30.973 Jingle
  • 7:45.690 Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension And A Half
  • 1:14:35.487 Camila de Andrade Bianchi - Who Sings Frightens Their Fears Away 4.0 (Excerpt Audio of Installation)
  • 1:19:55.122 Kevin Logan - DavefromCardiff - Supplementary Benefit (mixes)
  • 1:20:26.839 Yannis Mihos - Ena Vima
  • 1:29:18.531 Katrina Stelk - Expecting the Future
  • 1:44:23.140 Ubu Kung - Justice Disguised As Help
  • 1:49:03.380 Aleksandra Mitrović - Metamorfoza
  • 1:56:13.380 Maja Skjøth Hegelund - In the dark
  • 1:58:47.947 Tassia Mila - Singings from the overflowing lines: Birds
  • 2:01:47.886 Laura Isabel Leal - Jorge Aparicio
  • 2:04:51.971 Yulin Yan - A Wanderer Beyond the Sea
  • 2:15:05.220 Anna-Maria Rammou - Abra Katabra

II. Curated by Dean Ruddock

  • 2:19:22.000 Jingles & Moderation by Dean Ruddock
  • 2:21:57.869 Hannah Zipfel - Homesickness of a Time Traveler
  • 2:37:46.036 Ida Nerbø - Olat
  • 2:44:12.456 Sherwin Altarez Mapanoo - Chaotic Order I
  • 2:46:21.922 Tassia Mila - Oxum harvesting lilies
  • 2:47:06.335 Jamie Roh - The era of the rattlesnake
  • 2:51:36.808 Antonis Chatzitrakosas - AFNT01
  • 3:01:37.075 Anis Haron - My Internal Monologue
  • 3:03:37.000 TIME PIRACY jingle (Dean Ruddock)
  • 3:04:30.003 Tassia Novaes - Oxumaré
  • 3:05:59.792 London Concrete - The Tartar Steppe
  • 3:15:23.672 Allison Tanenhaus - Screaky
  • 3:23:26.552 Marija Mitrovic - <goldberg.goes.analog.17414117-2202>
  • 3:30:34.542 Martin Lau & Kaj Duncan David - Formula for escaping the logic of the trap
  • 3:51:54.288 Tassia Novaes - Odé Comorodé
  • 3:52:15.529 Katherine Akey - War Comes to the Nightingale

III. Curated by David Bilek

  • 4:01:26.000 Jingles & Moderation by David Bilek
  • 4:03:26.450 Miguel Angel Florez - Liminal
  • 4:10:08.996 David Bilek - Das zerschnittene Band der Zeit
  • 4:13:56.996 Sojung Lee - Counting Time
  • 4:15:44.996 Adrien Újházi & Marija Šumarac - Microbial Concert
  • 4:20:59.263 KEDRABUT - Audit Temporus
  • 4:23:20.848 Adrien Tibi - II Deuil de soi, deuil de l'autre - No. 3 Immanence
  • 4:27:07.718 Nicola Fumo Frattegiani - Contracted Chest
  • 4:31:41.718 Llewellyn Reichman - META.2.0
  • 4:40:51.718 Roopesh Sitharan - Apparition of Wawasan 2020
  • 4:43:22.451 Fotis Rovolis - Suicide Cassini
  • 4:47:32.718 BaRiya - Gold
  • 5:48:11.718 Nicola Fumo Frattegiani - Nostalgic Of The Future.wav

IV. Curated by Denise Lee

  • 6:01:41.000 Jingles & Moderation by Denise Lee
  • 6:05:19.658 Lucia González Gaitán - 00101- Beyond human's time (part1)
  • 6:06:03.508 Eleftheria Panousi - This is a Non Place
  • 6:15:08.709 Jarek Lustych - Latent Voice - Wisła
  • 6:31:55.197 Tim Feeney - Music of What Happens
  • 6:37:04.460 Seth Guy - Cut-up Wagner
  • 6:42:40.000 - TIME PIRACY jingle
  • 6:44:20.248 Lan ChungHsuan - I Declare
  • 6:46:06.800 Tom Miller - In Search of Lost Signals (00-00-60)
  • 6:47:07.496 Nicolas Vazquez - EnginiaM
  • 6:59:21.637 Patrycja Masłowska - Strange Attractors
  • 7:07:49.044 Magdalena Spinka - Baby Future
  • 7:11:59.364 Lucia González Gaitán - 00101- Beyond human's time (part2)
  • 7:13:44.303 Alkistis Voulgari - Nostos
  • 7:14:46 FN FM End, or Beginning

Welcome to Future Nostalgia, our speculative «time capsule». This is the place of futurology and home to all tiny utopias. We offer you possible scenarios and alternative futures. Our content goes far away from what is known. Its fictional nature allows one’s imagination to simply float. Before the program starts, I would like to remind you to never stop speculating on your future.

About the project

Future Nostalgia FM is a digital, experimental, imaginary radio, combining speculative storytelling, poems, sounds, and audios that overlap eras - from the distant past to the possible future. Its nostalgic but futuristic content has a narrative that wavers between imagination, aspirations, and human interactions while offering alternative versions and perspectives of reality.

Future Nostalgia FM is a part of the project Futurology Kiosks supported and funded by Kreativfonds and Frauenfonds from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. The project's objective is to activate initiatives, groups and individuals that work in the domain of art through collective speculations on our future(s). The kiosk, with its futuristic objects, workshops, lectures and nostalgic radio programming will open in June 2022 in Weimar, Germany, while the radio program will be played both from the physical kiosk and online. To imagine a future, or futures, does not mean to predict or decide on, but rather to speculate on the manifold possibilities, causations and consequences.